Thanks for buying my books direct!

Hi! I'm Michael Murray, a self-published Christian author. On this website you can buy The Messy Book Bundle—a collection of all 4 of my books.

I just want to give you a bit more information about how buying my books directly through this website (rather than through a third-party retailer) helps me as an independent author. First, it helps me earn a bit more on my books. Second, it enables me to get paid for each sale faster (a few days instead of a couple of months). And finally, it helps me connect directly with you, the reader!

I also want to be honest about the drawbacks of buying direct from me. Namely, the shipping time. I can't compete with the magic of Amazon Prime! If you buy a Messy Book Bundle, you can expect to receive it within 14 days. I am handling all the orders myself (with some help from family!), so I sincerely appreciate your patience.

Thanks so much for all your support!

- Michael